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J. T. Foster School recognizes that extracurricular athletics promotes sportsmanship, team building, good citizenship, high academic standards and community responsibility. Extracurricular athletics provide an opportunity for students to explore their unique talents outside of the classroom setting. These activities demand a high level of commitment, excellence and self-motivation which will help prepare students for the challenges they will meet outside the school community.

It is a privilege for students to participate in extracurricular athletics. Participation is voluntary and is not a requirement, nor an entitlement. Therefore, extra time and effort are required of those who participate. Since the reputation of the school is often judged by its extracurricular programs, high standards must be maintained. Those who earn the privilege of representing J. T. Foster School in extracurricular athletics are expected to accept greater responsibilities as school citizens.

Participation in extracurricular athletics is open to all students provided they meet the general requirements as outlined in the Athletics Handbook, and any requirements specific to the activity of their choice. Visit Sports Forms under Documents to view the Athletic Handbook and more. You may also be interested in visiting the Financial Assistance page under Parents for financial assistance for sports programs.

J. T. Foster Athletic Director, Brent Gammie can be reached at by email at gammieb@lrsd.ab.ca or by calling the school at 403-646-2264.

Field Trips

J. T. Foster is happy to organize field trips that are directly linked to learning outcomes. Field trips give students educational experiences away from their regular school environment, offer advice and knowledge from experts in the field and create great  memories. It is important make sure all forms and money are submitted to the supervisor of the field trip well in advance so that student numbers are confirmed and trips do not have to be cancelled. Thank you and enjoy the trip!!

All students should have an Intown Field Trip form completed to be used for the full year. If you don't please download and fill out now for your student(s)!

Queen's Ball

J. T. Foster’s 50th Annual Queen’s Ball was held December 2016!

Starting in September each school year, Queen candidates, their escorts, as well as school, community and parent volunteers, spend many hours preparing for this wonderful event.  The candidates and escorts face the challenges of etiquette and dance classes with anticipation and excitement.  These young men and women became more graceful, poised and self-assured.  The confidence and experience transform them into truly elegant young ladies and gentlemen.

The following awards are recognized but all participants shine with grace, style and poise:

  • Queen
  • Best Escort
  • 1st Princess
  • Runner-Up Best Escort
  • 2nd Princess
  • Greg Dawson Memorial Award
  • Mr. Congeniality
  • Miss Congeniality

Dance Awards

  • Most Dedicated (male & female)
  • Most Improved (male & female)
  • Most Outstanding (male & female)

Our Constitution can be accessed at https://www.jtfosterhighschool.ca/download/266861. The staff liaison for this group is Christine Armstrong who can be reached at by email at armstrongc@lrsd.ab.ca or by calling the school at 403-646-2264.

Student Leadership

The purpose of our Leadership and student council is to explore basic principles of leadership and teamwork.

Students develop a plan for their personal growth as a member of the leadership team and examine various behaviors, skills and roles that contribute to team effectiveness. This work also supports the development of the school’s core values in students as well as a focus on team work, responsibility, accountability, being 

adaptable, and demonstrating positive attitudes and behaviors.

Some of our projects are:

  • Helping hampers
  • Relay for Life
  • Attend leadership conference across the country 
  • Host sessions on leadership and development at our divisional student leadership symposium
  • Spirit weeks

The staff liaison for this group is Joel Gamache who can be reached through email gamachej@lrsd.ab.ca or by calling the school at 403-646-2264. 

Hockey Academy

Our Hockey Academy program will be a one semester option course, starting on September 5, 2023 ending on January 30, 2024. Ice at the Tom Hornecker Recreation Center in Nanton is usually in place by mid September and we have a plan in place to offer dry land training prior to the commencement of ice time. Hockey Academy will run in periods 8 & 9 on Tuesdays and Thursdays (highlighted in blue).

Tuesday & Thursday

Warning Bell - 8:40-8:45
1 - 8:45-9:30
2 - 9:30-10:14
Break - 10:14-10:18
3 - 10:18-11:03
4 - 11:03-11:47
Lunch - 11:47-12:27
5 - 12:27-1:12
6 - 1:12-1:56
Break 1:56-2:00
7 - 2:00-2:46
8 - 2:46-3:30

Students in Grade 7-9 who register in our hockey academy would board a bus at 1:56 pm for a 5-minute drive to the Tom Hornecker Recreation Center. They would suit up and be on the ice from 2:00 pm until 3:00 pm for programming. They would return to the school for dismissal by 3:25 pm. Please let us know if there is any other information you require.

For the 2023-2024 season the maximum registration is 30 students. The total cost of this program is $150 to cover insurance, HCSA attire and HC registration. Applications and full payment of $150 must be made by Sept. 15, 2023 by cash, cheque (payable to J. T. Foster School) or using School Cash.

Unfortunately, hockey bags are not allowed on the bus, so bags must be dropped off at J.T. Foster School, or at the rink. If you have hockey practice at the Tom Hornecker that same day, you are welcome to leave your bag at the rink. You cannot leave your bags overnight at the rink, but you are welcome to leave them overnight at the school.