Wildlife Studies

This Program is designed for students to develop attitudes, skills and knowledge related to wildlife and ecosystems focusing on how to interact safely with the outdoors and create a lifelong love for nature. We work on creating an understanding for how we interact with wildlife and the natural world through exploration and experiences.

Some things we do:

  • Alfred Lake Camp  (fire building / signals, shelter build, range, fishing)
  • Fishing- fly, spin, ice
  • Hike- sheep river area or other
  • Campground walk – Nanton campground, tracking,
  • Navigation – map and compass activity
  • Ethics – responsibilities
  • Management – conservation – licensing
  • Wildlife ID- fish ID – Plant ID
  • Operations rules and law
  • Equipment – techniques- know your bow- launching and loading – operations tips
  • Trip planning
  • Survival

Our Wildlife Studies teacher is Joel Gamache who can be reached at by email at gamachej@lrsd.ab.ca or by calling the school at 403-646-2264.