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Staff Directory


Photo of Jeff Anderson

Mr. Jeff Anderson

Senior High Sciences

Phone: 403-646-2264 Extension 2221 Voice Mail 7330

Photo of Brent Gammie

Mr. Brent Gammie

PE Specialist & Athletic Director

Phone: 403-646-2264 Extension 2216 Voice Mail 7077

Photo of Landon Hatch

Mr. Landon Hatch

Junior High Mathematics and Science

Phone: 403-646-2264 Extension 2220 Voice Mail 7328

Photo of Vaughan Henning

Mr. Vaughan Henning

Social Studies & Band

Phone: 403-646-2264 Extension 2211 & 2219 Voice Mail 7327

Photo of Shelby Hewton

Ms. Shelby Hewton

English Language Arts

Phone: 403-646-2264

Photo of Kasey Howard

Ms. Kasey Howard

Math & Science

Phone: 403-646-2264 Extension 2212 Voice Mail 7429

Photo of Sara MacLachlan

Ms. Sara MacLachlan

Senior High English

Phone: 403-646-2264 Extension 2223 Voice Mail 7332

Photo of Beverly McNutt

Mrs. Beverly McNutt


Phone: 403-646-2264 Extension 2217 Voice Mail 7370

Photo of Jason Porteous

Mr. Jason Porteous

Social Studies

Phone: 403-646-2264 Extension 2213 Voice Mail 7069

Professional Services

Photo of Christina Bazell

Ms. Christina Bazell

Career Practitioner

Phone: (403) 646-2264

Photo of Rob Charchun

Mr. Rob Charchun

Off Campus Co-ordinator

Phone: 403-682-9881 cell 403-646-2264 Voice Mail 7361

Photo of Angie Conway

Mrs. Angie Conway

Family School Liaison Counselor

Phone: 403-646-2264 Extension 2222 Voice Mail 7065

Photo of Sarah Lloyd

Ms. Sarah Lloyd

Child & Youth Care Worker

Support Staff

Photo of Christine Armstrong

Mrs. Christine Armstrong

Educational Assistant

Phone: 403-646-2264 Voice Mail 7085

Photo of Dawn Jersch

Mrs. Dawn Jersch

Learning Commons Facilitator and Educational Assistant

Phone: 403-646-2264 Voicemail 7483

Photo of Brenda Southgate

Mrs. Brenda Southgate

Educational Assistant

Phone: 403-646-2264 Voice Mail 7087

Administrative Assistants

Photo of Lee Chattaway

Mrs. Lee Chattaway

Administrative Assistant, Financial

Phone: 403-646-2264 Extension 2201 Voice Mail 7093

Photo of Jenna Flitton

Mrs. Jenna Flitton

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 403-646-2264 Extension 2200


Photo of Jason MacDonald

Mr. Jason MacDonald


Phone: 403-646-2264

Photo of Jillian Spencer

Ms. Jillian Spencer

Assistant Principal

Phone: 403-646-2264