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School Fees


Step 1: Go to this website: https://lrsd.schoolcashonline.com

Step 2: Register by selecting the “Get Started Now” and following the steps

Step 3: After you receive the confirmation email, please select the ‘click here’ option, sign in and add each of your children to your household account.

PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR SCHOOL FEES TO J.T. FOSTER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. (If you are unable to pay these fees at this time please call the office at 403-646-2264 to set-up a payment schedule.) The following is a breakdown of your invoice:


These trips will only be possible on a “user pay” basis. More information will be provided to students as the situations arise.

**Each Junior and Senior Sports team is responsible for covering the costs of their league and zone fees, ref and score keeper fees, bussing, and uniform etc. These costs will be divided equally among the team members or by fundraising.

2)  PHYS. ED. - TRANSPORTATION AND GYM STRIP (All students Grades 7 to 12)     

All students are expected to wear J. T. Foster T-shirts for all Phys. Ed. classes (shirts $15). Athletic shoes must be worn for all Phys. Ed. classes (shoes used for Phys. Ed. should not be their street shoes). All Phys. Ed. students will need to provide their own badminton racquet, baseball gloves, ice skates and helmet.


  1. Band Fees - $65 band students will be able to rent instruments and receive a music folder and miscelaneous supplies from the school. Students from grade 8 and up will either have purchased their own instruments or they will be renting privately from a music company such as St. John’s National. Arrangements to rent from these companies should be made by the parents prior to school starting in September so students have their instruments when classes begin. **A few “large instruments” will be rented to the students by the school at a cost of $50/yr. This rental fee also applies to the drums! (Contact the band teacher directly if your child plays one of these, to make sure the instrument is available.)

  2. All Grade 8 & 9 Non-Band Students will enroll in Non-Band exploratory coursese.


Junior High (Grades 7-9):

All Middle School students will be taking exploratory courses throughout the year. These fees are as follows:

  • $15 Art per Semester
  • $25 Foods per Semester
  • $20 Industrial Arts (Shop) per Semester
  • $20 Outdoor Education (Wildlife Studies) per Semester
  • $150 Hockey Academy

Senior High (Grades 10 –12):

All Senior High students will be taking 1 option per semester. Theses fees are as follows:

  • $30 Art per Semester
  • $55 Construction (Woods) per Semester
  • $55 Fabrication (Welding) per Semester
  • $45 Foods per Semester
  • $45 Outdoor Education (Wildlife Studies) per Semester


  • Distance Learning/Green Certificate: Senior and Junior students are now free of charge.

  • Fitness Center: Students who would like to use the fitness center at noon hours or after school are required to have a completed registration form on file in the office with a $30 payment. They must be in high school in order to use the fitness equipment as no one is available to give them proper training.  Younger students may use the facility but they must be accompanied by his or her own parent. The fitness center may also be used by students in conjunction with their Phys. Ed. classes and possibly for extra training for school sports teams.

  • Graduation Fees: Graduating students participating in the school graduation ceremony are expected to pay a fee as set each year by the graduation planning committee. The fee varies depending on the fundraising efforts of each individual student to a maximum of about $150. This money covers the graduates' banquet ticket, decorations, rental of facilities, linens, plates, glasses and other assorted expenses relating to the school graduation ceremony.

School Fee Waiver Form