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Career Services

Welcome back, students! I am excited to be part of your career development activities for the 2020-2021 school year.

Please email (croskeryl@lrsd.ab.ca), text or call (403-915-0781) me, Lettie Croskery, and we can start the process of working together to help you identify and research some possible careers. Need a part time job or volunteer position to gain experience? I can help with that too! Want to start identifying scholarships and other ways to pay for further education? No problem, I have tons of experience working on those things as well.

Check out my newly developed list of Post-Secondary fall events (sadly, no 'real life' Open Houses but lots of other cool opportunities to connect!).

Interested in attending school in beautiful British Columbia? The Post-secondary B.C. site is featuring a list of what's happening with virtual events there.

Thinking about money? It's not too soon to start planning the financing of your post-secondary education. Here is an article entitled "What is FREE money?" I wrote for our district news recently to get you thinking!




Alberta Industry Trades Information  - This is the home page for Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training and contains information about the process to become a Journey person in Alberta. You can start on this path in high school!

Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) brochure This brochure outlines the process where students in high school can begin their apprenticeship career.

Trade Entrance Requirements (Alberta Apprenticeship & Industry Training)

Trades and Occupations list  - A comprehensive list of Alberta's Registered trades, complete with career profile information for each trade.

Trades specific scholarships - As a trades person, you are eligible for thousands of dollars in scholarships! Here is the link from the government website.

CAREER SITES we know and love!

AgCareers - Great site to learn more about numerous agricultural opportunities.

AWWOA - Alberta Water and Wastewater Operators Association has a careers section with profiles and videos about careers in the water/wastewater industry.

Cybermentor.ca - This site connects girls in grades 6 -12 with career mentors in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math focused occupations.

Career Transitions - Serving southern Alberta High Schools with numerous career events.

Cool Jobs  - McLean's magazine profiles some very cool careers!

Goodwork.ca - Environmental jobs and green work, perfect for outdoorsy types!

Health Care Career Profiles  - These profiles, provided by AHS, portray the wide range of clinical and non-clinical healthcare careers.

Learning Clicks - An up to date, interactive career development site focused on the needs of secondary students.

OCCINFO - Look up and learn about hundreds of occupations on this site!

One Week Job - True story of a UBC graduate and his search for a career! We have a copy of his documentary in our Career Services office.

Real Talk - Gain quick access to information about real careers from people who are currently working in those areas.

Road to Employment - Two recent grads take a major road trip to find out what Canadian employers are looking for. 

Xello - This revised edition of what we knew as "Career Cruising", is now easier to access as you "SIGN IN" (top right of the webpage) with your LRSD login and password. The site offers free assessments and links to review hundreds of possible career choices. If you have problems logging in, please contact Lettie for assistance! You can also login to Xello from your home google screen. Just click on your waffle and select the Xello icon to get started.


Have you ever thought about changing things up a bit? This list (compiled with love by your Career Practitioner!) is full of opportunities for you to expand your learning to include volunteer programs, unique classroom experiences and international exchanges. Program costs range from FREE to up to $33,000.00 for specialized programs which offer scholarship subsidies.



There are so many ways to continue your education beyond high school! Below you will find links to College and University offerings across Canada. Where should I go to university? McLean's Magazine publishes an annual list of top universities in Canada. Check out their University rankings for 2020!

Ready to start applying? For all Alberta Institutions, you start with Apply Alberta. Your Career Practitioner is always available to help you with this process.

TIME to CHOOSE - this website allows you to search for Alberta programs based on location, program length or subject area!

Alberta Post-secondary institutions

British Columbia Post-secondary institutions

Manitoba Post-secondary institutions

Ontario Post-secondary Institutions

Quebec and Atlantic Provinces Institutions

Saskatchewan Post-secondary institutions


Considering the full cost of post-secondary studies? In addition to those pesky tuition and school fees, it's helpful to budget for rent, utility payments, transportation, groceries, school supplies and LIFE in general! Check out RBC's student budget calculator to get a better understanding of just how much money you'll want to access through grants/scholarships (FREE money!) or student loans/lines of credit (BORROWED funds that need to be repaid) for your future educational plans.

Student Grant Estimator - Fill in this very quick calculator to determine how much you may receive in GRANTS (that's free money, not a loan!) from the Canadian government.

Student Aid Alberta - Lots of information on this site for Alberta students seeking scholarships!

Alexander RUTHERFORD Scholarship - Receive up to $2500 based on your average (which includes option courses!) in grades 10,11 and 12. Apply in August and receive your cheque in early October (generally) of your first post-secondary semester. Even if you take a gap year, you are still eligible for these funds! Don't forget to take 7 minutes out of your day and APPLY online for this funding!

2019 - 2020 Funding Guide - This guide (updated every year) has all of the information you need to complete the Student Loan application form for post-secondary studies. The guide includes information about grant funding as well.

Student Grant Estimator - Fill in this very quick calculator to determine how much you may receive in GRANTS (that's free money, not a loan!) from the Canadian government.

ALBERTA HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS - This 11 page document lovingly procured and updated by YOUR Career Practitioner, is definitely worth a read!

NANTON AREA SCHOLARSHIP LIST! - This is a list of scholarships specific to students in the Nanton area. As we learn of any changes to our generous sponsorships, this list will be revised. 

First Nations Metis And Inuit Scholarship List

Scholarships Canada - You can create a profile and this website will match you with potential scholarships. It takes time to sort through the list, but it could pay off in big dollars!

Scholar Tree - Similar to Scholarships Canada; create a profile and review scholarship suggestions based on your personal information.

RESP information in 3 minutes! This YouTube video may be of interest if you are looking for quick information about the Registered Education Savings Program. Taking advantage of the up to $7200.00 in government contributions is a great way to help a student save for post secondary education. The government of Canada provides further information about Using your RESP when it's time to start withdrawing funds for your student's post-secondary studies. 

Higher Ed Points Students and graduates can convert loyalty points through HigherEdPoints in $250 increments to make tuition payments or to pay back student loans. Parents, relatives and friends can also use their loyalty program points to help students pay back their loans.



Looking for work or volunteer opportunities? You may benefit from a job search session with your Career Practitioner to update or create your resume, practice your interview skills and position yourself for job search success! In the meantime, check out these links:

Employment Standards Fact Sheet  - Answers common questions about the rights and responsibilities of young people in the workforce

Indeed.caJobs.caSimply Hired - Explore current job postings from our local area and across the country.

Looking for Work - ALIS website - This is a great resource as you embark on a job search! 

Nanton Chamber of Commerce -  Learn more about the business community in Nanton!