Every student, every day.

Learning Support

  • Differentiated instruction within the classroom

  • Behaviour Support

  • Individual Support

  • Educational Assistants

  • Assistive Technology

  • Coordination of Individual Program Plan (IPP)

  • assists with modified, and transition programming.

    • Meet 3 times a year, including transition plan

    • organizes case conferences

  • arranges for academic and other assessments,

School Team (Administration team, Teachers, Learning Support Teacher and Family School Liason) meet weekly to discuss their student concerns

Learning Support Team (Administration team, Learning Support Teacher and Family School Liason) meet to address the concerns and devise an action plan. If needed parents, teachers, and other community stakeholders may be invited to help select strategies to help meet student needs.

Our Learning Support teacher, Andrea Parker can be reached by email at  parkera@lrsd.ab.ca or by phoning the school at 403-646-2264.