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Connect Parent Group Begins April 8, 2024

Are you seeking support and guidance in navigating the challenges of parenting? LRSD is offering a Connect Parent Group, designed to empower parents with valuable resources and strategies to foster stronger connections with your children.

Connect is a 10-week program to support parents and caregivers of pre-teens and teens with difficult behavioural and emotional problems. Parents meet in small groups with two trained group leaders for one hour each week.

Each session provides parents with a new perspective on parent-teen relationships and adolescent development. Parents watch role-plays, try exercises and work together to develop new choices for responding to their teen’s difficult behaviour. Parents receive handouts following each session with key points to remember.

We understand that each child and each parent is different and change is part of development. Rather than teach only one way of parenting, we help parents see choices that support healthy relationships while setting limits and helping their teen to move forward.

Connect groups are led by trained Connect leaders. Your group leaders will work hard to understand the challenges you face and to support you and your relationship with your teen. Parents who participate in Connect tell us they feel respected and supported.

Program Start Date: April 8, 2024

For more information and registration details, please contact Holly Stewart, Clinical Team Lead, R. Psych. with Livingstone Range School Division. Phone 403-625-3356 or email

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