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How Will My Student be Graded?

Student assessment is an integral part of the teaching and learning process. The decisions made in assessment are critical to informing instructional decisions and enhancing student learning.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic class closure the capacity for student learning to continue at home may not be consistent or equitable. Assessment for grading purposes must be free of non-curricular influences, such as lateness of work. In consideration of our current environment, assessment focus will be on completing the learning cycle and acquisition of knowledge, not the final grade. 

Please refer to Administrative Procedure 360 for detailed information regarding student assessment.

As of April 21, 2020, the following principles will guide student assessment:

  • Teachers will continue to prepare learning opportunities for students with tasks and assignments which will be tracked so that the learning can continue.
  • Assessment can occur in many different forms and should allow the student to demonstrate what they know.
  • Students can expect meaningful feedback on work from their teacher, however, focus will be on providing continued learning opportunities instead of regular assessment.
  • Students are expected to make every effort towards addressing the work that teachers are providing under the focus areas. It is important that every student makes their best effort in their at-home learning experiences.
  • Teachers are expected to provide ongoing feedback and comments regarding student progress to inform students, parents, and provide information for 2020-2021 programming. 
  • Kindergarten-Grade 6 students will receive the grade from their most recent report card as the final grade in June. Progress from that time will be reported using anecdotal comments on the final report card. Teachers will ensure that students understand where they are within the learning agenda.
  • Assessment results for Grade 7-12 students can only improve their final grade. The student mark as of  March 13 will be the lowest mark a student, who participates in the learning process, can achieve on their final report card. Future assessment opportunities are at no-risk to the student and can only improve a student’s final mark. Students currently “not on track to pass” should be given the opportunity to move from failing to passing. Teachers will ensure that students understand where they are within the learning agenda.

Students and parents seeking further clarification for their particular case should speak to their teachers and/or principal.

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