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JTF School Update Around COVID-19 Closure

We are currently arranging times for students to come by the school to pick up belongings  on Wednesday, March 18. We will send out a schedule as soon as we can. To ensure our numbers in the school stay low, we ask you to please come during your allotted time. We also please ask that students remain in the school only as long as it takes to get their belongings and not linger. If the materials you need are medically necessary, please contact the school s-jtfoster@lrsd.ab.ca, and we will make individual arrangements for those cases. Once the schedule is sent out, email the school if you need to make individual arrangements.

All events in the school and after school have been cancelled. Upcoming parent’s teacher interviews are postponed. Please email the teacher if you need to set up a phone appointment to discuss your child’s progress. 

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Our office email address is monitored and is usually the fastest way to get a response.    

Roger L. Doucet

MEd, BEd, BA

Acting Principal 
JT Foster School

PO Box 610
Nanton, AB, T0L-1R0
403 646 2264

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